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Course Prescription

This course suits students who want to learn a logical and consistent framework for solving open ended PSLE Science questions in a strategic manner.

Goals of the Course

To help students understand the questions presented to them, and formulate effective answers. 

Learning Outcomes

Through completion of the papers, students would have been taught to:

  1.  Analyse given data and identify the topics tested. 
  2. Pinpoint related scientific terms and concepts.
  3. ď‚·Determine what constitutes as evidence and collect them.
  4. Communicate and justify their explanations, forming reasonable and logical arguments.

Special Resources

Exam Time Management Skills

Online Study Plan

Online Mindmaps


Irene Chow

Irene has been tutoring for over 5 years and focuses on practical and systematic approaches to answering examination questions. She believes that learning concepts should mostly be done in school and that extra help outside of that main classroom, should be focused on giving the student additional time and practice, in areas that need improvement, as well as their development of strategies and structures in tackling examinations. Irene employs a variety of learning resources to engage her students and is always thinking of new and innovative methods to make her classes more fun and effective.